Television (TV)

I know many people who are proud that they watch very little (if any) television. I have no problem with this, and in fact I'm happy they're actively doing something else. But I don't mind one bit admitting how much television I watch (and have watched throughout my life). In fact, that's why I'm so glad VCRs (and more importantly, TiVos) exist. I'm the kind of person who had all 8 of the timeslots in his VCR filled (back when I used a VCR), and who now has a 120+ hour hacked TiVo. Some people say that means I watch too much TV. On the contrary, the reason I tape these shows is so I can do anything I want anytime I want, and watch the shows later. I'm confident enough with the amount of activity I have in my life that I feel comfortable declaring openly that I watch television as well when I'm tired of the rest. All that having been said, here's a few landmarks on my television history.

The Early Years

My brother Jon and I watched these shows when we were kids, and every once in a while when we're talking we'll be saying things like "Oh my god, do you remember some show where there was like this gorilla and two guys, and they went around trying to fight ghosts?!?! What the hell was that?!?!" A lot of TV channels have brought many of these back, but they still never seem quite the way I remember them through the lens of childhood memory. Here are a few that stuck with me (whether I liked it or not).

Everything Inbetween

Recent Shows

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