The Columbo Drinking Game - By Jeff Keegan

The Columbo Drinking Game

(By Jeff Keegan,

Thanks to Kevin Stearns and Sam Faulkner who helped with some of this.

My only request is that if you actually play this game, you send me a letter saying so.. I'd love to know someone played this.. Send the letter to, with the subject "Columbo - I played it". Thanks. Here ya go!


Every time anyone says "just one more thing..."

Every time he says "Excuse me"

Three times every time he uses his dog in the investigation.

Every time someone comments on his car.

Every time someone comments on his clothes.

Every time he looks astounded by some "new" piece of technology,
like the VCR.

Every time he eats or asks for food.

Every time someone catches him inside their house without their knowledge.

  Twice if he falls asleep in the suspects apartment.

Every time he mentions his wife.

  Twice if he gets an autograph/souveneir for her.

Every time he wants to take up the profession of the person he's talking to.

  - Twice if he gives some lame excuse why he HASN'T taken up the profession,
    like "...but my thumbs are too big".

Every time he uses the phrase "just tying up loose ends"

Every time he refers to the "boys downtown" as being "real strict".

Every time he uses the phrase "just a formality".

Every time he uses the phrase "sorry to bother you".

Every time he puts a cigar in his mouth.

Every time he expresses cultural patheticness (like mentioning in an art
gallery that his wife is a painter, and then mentioning how she gets the
"ones with the numbers on them that you paint with the right colors").

Every time he takes off his trench coat (it still counts if it's
a new one).

Every time he rubs his bottom eyelid with his index finger.

Every time another policeman/detective working on the case gives a totally
incorrect assessment of the crime.

Every time he gets a phone call at someone else's house/office.

Jeff Keegan,

Shameless self-promotion
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