Hacking TiVo: The Expansion, Enhancement, and Development Starter Kit

Amazon.com #5 Best-Seller!

As I say elsewhere on this site, our TiVo was the best thing that Laurie and I have bought in at least 15 years. When is the last time you heard of someone opening up their VCR to add features? Never. How about people adding features to their toaster, coffee maker, or washing machine? It doesn't happen. So why then do grown people like myself rip apart their TiVos and write new cool features for it? Because it's such an insanely cool product, that actually changes aspects of our lives. And we can (and do) make it better.

I've written a book describing what we've all been doing to our TiVos, and guiding you step-by-step on how to do them all yourself. It describes everything from adding more storage to accessing your TiVo over the web. It doesn't stop there, as a third of the book concentrates on helping you write your own features, guiding you through the internals of the TiVo software (which runs on Linux, by the way).

Check it out!

Hacking TiVo My book is now on sale at Amazon.com:


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Hacking TiVo

It was #5 (overall) on amazon.com's bestseller list for a few days, and was #1 in Computers/Internet for over six weeks.

Go buy yourself a copy now! If you don't have a TiVo but are curious, it even contains a detailed section describing what exactly the big deal is, and why TiVo is difficult to explain. This book makes for a great gift! :)

There are two shorter competing books with far less detail out there, written by authors who only know the TiVo Hacking community from afar. This book is written from years of experience in the TiVo hacking communities, by an author who has released significant TiVo software hacks himself. Don't get confused and buy the wrong book!

Feel free to tell other people about this book, to help them pick the right one (and to read up on why people feel the need to do this!). The easy-to-remember URL for this page is keegan.org/tivobook

Hacking TiVo: The Expansion, Enhancement, and Development Starter Kit
By Jeff Keegan
ISBN: 0-7645-4336-9
550 pages

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