The Quincy Drinking Game - By Jeff Keegan

The Quincy Drinking Game

(By Jeff Keegan,

Thanks to Kevin Stearns, Caroline Stearns, and Dawn Burke who helped with some of this.

My only request is that if you actually play this game, you send me a letter saying so.. I'd love to know someone played this.. Send the letter to, with the subject "Quincy - I played it". Thanks. Here ya go!

Drink Once When:

..Quincy walks off in a huff.

..someone explains some obscure fact to Quincy
  (like "Kids can buy these drugs over the counter ANYWHERE in America!")

(Drink twice if Quincy freaks out about that.)

..Quincy looks disappointed and turns away.

..Quincy ends a discussion with someone with a KILLER
  phrase that obviously wins the conversation
  (like "That's funny.. I thought you HAD...")

..Quincy complains about government/company red tape.

..Quincy goes somewhere to re-enact the crime that caused the episode

(Drink twice if Sam goes with him.)

..they end the episode at Danny's Restaurant.

Drink Twice When:

..a moral message is shoved down your throat.

..Quincy tells everyone ELSE something before he tells Sam.

..Sam asks Quincy to explain why he needs to do a lab test...

..the police detective gets upset with Quincy for doing his job

Drink Three Times When:

..Quincy gets awakened by a long lost friend while sleeping
  on his boat.

..Dr. Astin (his supervisior) mentions his budget

Finish Keg When:

..Quincy says "You're a MURDERER!!!"

Jeff Keegan,

Shameless self-promotion
*Of course if you had a hacked TiVo with tons of space, you could just create a season pass for Quincy and have a TiVo full of them when it's time to drink! Pause, rewind, drink more. :)
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