Protecting Your Thermistor

I’ve read about several people breaking their thermistor and having to purchase a new one, halting their progress for a day. I’d like to add my own tip to protecting your thermistor, lest your progress get halted too.

Step 1: Don’t lose your thermistor

That’s it – don’t lose it. I just got the coil wrapped around my heater barrel:

..and I was all set to dive into the world of fire cement. I got some plumbers tape out to wrap the thermistor and – boom – it was gone. 🙁

I think it was in this bag:

So I probably lost it when soldering these Opto Endstop boards last Friday night:

I then proceeded to spend at least 20 minutes combing around on the ground looking for the thermistor, at least five times thinking I’d actually found it, but then seeing it was actually a pine needle:

Not a thermistor


2 Responses to “Protecting Your Thermistor”

  1. mccoyn says:

    Good advice. I think I could have written this post word for word back in August. Well, except for the pine needle. I eventually found it on the floor where I was working.

    • jkeegan says:

      🙂 I now have at least two replacements that arrived in the mail. I almost thought I’d lost those (!), but found them in one of the anti-static bags of my order.

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