My killer-app tivo/tivoweb/palmpilot story

Here is my killer-app tivo/tivoweb/palmpilot story. (I originally posted this story on the AVS TiVo Underground). I've since grown to depend on this feature, and people don't believe me when I tell the story until I hand them my Palm VIIx and they see what's currently on our TiVo. I can just imagine having kids someday and having them take features like this for granted. :)
TiVo with Palm VIIx

My killer-app tivo/tivoweb/palmpilot story

September 6, 2001

I've got a new story I tell to people when I talk about hacking my TiVo.

A week ago, I, my wife, and my Dad were sitting at a Patriots game in Foxborough Stadium (we just got season tickets after years of waiting). Then when a few incredible plays happened in a row, and my dad missed a few of them because he was getting food, I told him he should call my Mom and have her TiVo the 11'oclock news for him so he could see them.

I then got a bit upset for a second or two, thinking "damn, Laurie and I can't call anyone because we're both here, so no one is going to TiVo it for us at *our* house...".. Then a huge lightbulb appeared over my head, my left hand reached down to my pocket, and pulled out my Palm VIIx. I went to my upstairs TiVo's tivoweb page, and scheduled the recording of the 11'oclock news on channel 7. When we got home, sure enough, it had recorded it for us (and we watched all the plays over again).

(Phillips' "Got to admit it's getting betterrr.... it's getting betttttter allll the tiiiiiiimme" song ran through my head for the rest of the night. :) TiVo itself needs a catchy song)

..Jeff (pretty damned happy)

Edit: I just read my post to my wife and she correctly pointed out that it had been she that remembered that I had been accessing the TiVo via the Palm Pilot, and that it was her suggestion to record it. All due credit for that revelation is hereby bestowed upon her, with all due apologies, benefits, and whatnot. :)

..Jeff Keegan

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