Other TiVo Hacks

Sorry, didn't get a chance to edit/write this tivo hack page before making the web site public on September 19th, 2001 (Laurie's Birthday!!).

I plan on finishing these pages very soon, so do check back. Most hack information is available on the TiVo Underground.

If this notice is still here by November, do me a favor and nag me about it (mention which page it is!).


Placeholder for "Other TiVo Hacks" page. Mention stuff like getting guide data via PPP connection instead of phone line, the PPV script (if its still needed), and anything else you can think of that other people have done but you haven't yet (that sound interesting).

Not really a hack, but here's info on building a cross-compiler so you can compile your favorite linux apps to the TiVo (which runs on a PowerPC, not an x86 machine, so you need the cross compiler:

More to be written here soon..

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