Closed Caption

The most recent tool for displaying closed captions on the tivo is tivovbi (written by embeem). The 1.03 version was announced on the TiVo Underground forum on this thread, though you might want to check out embeem's download directory in case this page you're reading becomes out of date (if so, please tell me!)..

It lets you display not only closed caption info, but XDS channel info as well. With the right options (-ctd), you can see iPreview info, as well as what's probably the seperation between clips in paid programming for the new clips in 2.5.1 (see here)..

Here's a sample of what it looks like in OSD (On-Screen-Display) mode (text can also be output to stdout):

tivovbi on screen
(Click for movie)

Lastly, for those who need to see a Usage string to feel it's real, here it is:

tivovbi [ -t | -o ] [ -c ] [ -x ]
  -t    text output
  -o    OSD display     (requires -c)
  -x    XDS data        (requires -t)
  -T    set clock       (requires -x)
  -c1   CC1 data
  -c2   CC2 data
  -d    DEBUG MODE      (requires -t)

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