Explanations of references from the text on the left

The Simpsons
A television cartoon created by Fox. You can check out the Official Simpsons Website for more info on The Simpsons.

Mystery Science Theater 3000
One of the funniest shows ever conceived. Must be seen to be understood. They take the worst movies ever made, and make fun of them relentlessly. If you're thinking "that sounds stupid", see my sentence before about how you have to see it to understand. :) The Sci-Fi channel is the current home for the show, and they have a web page for it. Last but not least there's the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Drinking Game.

Neil Peart
Neil Peart is the drummer and song writer for my favorite band of all time, Rush. You can read up about Rush on the newsgroup alt.music.rush.

Star Trek
The reference here was to the original TV series Star Trek, which is too common for me to have to describe here, I imagine. I myself (unlike a few people I know) love all of the Star Trek series', including Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.

Come on, do I really have to describe who James T. Kirk is? How did you even get to this page without knowing this?

Westworld was a movie that came out in 1973, about a futuristic theme park where you get to live out your fantasies interacting with robot characters that seem as real as humans. Check out the Internet Movie Database's review of "Westworld" for more info.

Itchy & Scratchy
Itchy and Scratchy are two characters from a cartoon called (appropriately enough) "The Itchy and Scratchy Show", which is within the cartoon The Simpsons. It's a parody of the violent nature of some cartoons (most likely Tom & Jerry). Bart and Lisa watch this all the time.

Duckman was a cartoon on USA about a duck named "Duckman" that is a private detective. The voice of Duckman is played by Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld). This is a very fast-paced quick snappy type of humor, both in dialog and visually (lots of the cartoon seems to be done knowing that people of today have VCRs/TiVos and can look at the individual frames, since funny signs etc are only visible for a few frames sometimes).

The Life of Brian
One of my favorite Monty Python movies, "The Life of Brian" is a movie about Brian, a man growing up around the same time as Jesus. No description I give here could do it justice. It's a classic that shouldn't be missed.

"Almost there..."
A phrase said a few times by a pilot in Star Wars, while trying to stay alive a bit longer over the Death Star. This is usually follwed by someone else in the room screaming "Stay on target...." or "We're too close!!".

"It's only a flesh wound!"
Another of my favorite Monty Python movies, "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", contains this phrase during a sword fight between the Black Knight and King Arthur. "Look! You're leg's off!","No it isn't!","Well what's that then?", "I've had worse.","You liar!","It's only a flesh wound!". Another absolute must see for Monty Python fans, but I shouldn't have to say that since most of them know this already.

"... it is .......... green"
On Star Trek: The Next Generation there was an episode where Scotty was found alive. At one point he becomes depressed so he goes to Ten Forward (the bar) and asks for some whiskey. He complains about the synthahol, and Data tries to find him some real alcohol. He finds a bottle of green liquid, Scotty asks him what it is, and he sniffs it. "(sniff) It is.. Hmm? It is.. .... it is .. green."

"Ohh.. but I was gonna go to the Tashi station and get some power converters! - GLUG GLUG GLUG"
Luke Skywalker moaning about having to work for his Uncle Owen rather than go off and have fun (though to be quite honest, I can't picture that being lots of fun) in the legendary movie Star Wars. The "GLUG GLUG GLUG" refers to the Star Wars Drinking Game.

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