I love movies. They're a source of great entertainment, plus they provide for an almost unlimited supply of obscure references to be stored in my brain right next to other useless information like the SKU number of a candy bar at Caldor in 1987 (654360, by the way) and the number & jingle for USA-Loan (Call eight hundred.. U S A Loan... Call eight hundred.. U S A Loan... argh!!).

First of all, a valuable reference is the Internet Movie Database. Second of all, I had a movie page up for about five years, and never updated it, to the point where I don't think I should even bother with a movie page here. I'm only doing so to have a good place to hold a few Star Wars references, and maybe a thumbs-dump from my TiVo about our ratings for movies. So don't expect much. I'm not even making it easy to get to this page from the rest of the site.

Next, an important definition should be declared here:

Information or discussion about a movie that gives away some of what happened in it. Generally, you should only read something that warns that it is a spoiler if you've already seen that movie.

That having been said, here's my stunningly boring movie page.

This (currently) is the only reason I even have a "movies" page anymore.

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