Mystery Science 3000 Drinking Game

Completely Unofficial MST3K Drinking Game

(This was borrowed from John's Mystery Science Theater 3000 WWW Page, which is gone now)


  1. Whenever the Mads refer to Joel or Mike by other than 'Joel' or 'Mike'
  2. Each time the bots make a Monty Python reference
  3. When the bots are fighting/disagreeing over something trivial
  4. Whenever Frank pushes the button


  1. Whenever Dr. Forrester pushes the button
  2. When it's a Lippert film (one drink everytime you think to yourself 'Oh my God, it's a Lippert film!')
  3. Whenever any cast member makes a sexual reference, no matter how thinly disguised or appropriate/inappropriate to the situation.


  1. Whenever someone other than Frank or Dr. F push the button (i.e. Steve Reeves, etc.)
  2. When it's a Corman film (keep drinking until you think to yourself, 'Hey, with a little touch-up, this could be a good movie!')
  3. Each time the Haunting Torgo Theme plays

Hook an IV and call the doctor

  1. When Joel or Dr. Lawrence Erhardt return to the show (reruns do not count!)
  2. When Mike 'escapes' (after a contract dispute) and is replaced by Jimmy Smits or Paul Sorvino
  3. Each time TV's Franks comes up with an invention that is safe, easy to use, practical, and would greatly benefit mankind.

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