The Incredible Hulk Drinking Game

The Incredible Hulk Drinking Game

By Marina Bailey (borrowed from The Incredible Hulk FAQ, which is gone now)

A drink is defined as one swallow of the beverage of your choice. Take care when using alcohol, and remember that the green creature in this program is *supposed* to be there!

Take one drink when:

  • You see David hitch-hiking (doesn't matter at which end of the episode)
  • He Hulks out and we see his shirt rip
  • He Hulks out and his pants rip up the sides
  • David's eyes go white and the Hulk-out music starts
  • McGee looks impassive and tries to convince someone that though he works for the National Register, he really is a serious reporter
  • The Hulk wrecks the place
  • The Hulk wrecks the place and saves the girl
  • The Hulk saves the girl but doesn't wreck the place
  • David is put in jail
  • You sit scratching your head wondering why the people around David don't figure out what's going on when he Hulks out practically right in front of them
  • Someone twists David's arm behind his back (why did they ALWAYS do that?!)
  • Someone ties David up and he Hulks out while trying to get loose
  • David is hit over the head and DOESN'T Hulk out.
  • A gun-toting person attempts to shoot the Hulk and either:
    • a) misses
    • b) the gun jams
    • c) he runs out of ammunition/transquiliser darts
    • or d) someone blocks his aim
  • The Hulk runs down *that* alley (try to avoid yelling "Stock footage! Stock footage!" at the TV if possible)
Take two drinks when:
  • Someone actually stops and gives David a lift
  • David Hulks out and his pants miraculously don't rip, they just get a LOT shorter :-)
  • The police are instructed to catch the Hulk, but they give some evasive description of him such as, "Race indeterminate".
  • McGee actually talks to David (phone, mask, etc)
  • David or the Hulk saves McGee's life
  • Someone actually knows about the Hulk
  • McGee tries to convince his editor to let him carry on with his Hulk features/whines to his editor about something Hulk-related
  • You recognize the guest star from another episode of the Hulk
  • You recognize the guest star from another Kenneth Johnson TV show
  • You recognize the guest star from Star Trek
  • David has a flashback to/dreams about/remembers Caroline, Laura or Elaina Marks
  • David gives a vague explanation of what's wrong with him
  • David tells his questioner exactly what is wrong with him
  • Somebody recognises him. The words, "Doctor David Banner" or such must be used.
  • David un-Hulks at the scene of a crime/the Hulk is seen at the scene of a crime
  • David turns into the Hulk through stress, not because he got hurt
  • Someone with an obvious death wish tries to shoot the Hulk/blow him up/whatever
Take three drinks when:
  • David Hulks out and we see his _shoes_ rip open and fall off
  • David Hulks out and we do NOT see his shirt physically rip, but moments later the Hulk stands there in a ripped shirt
  • The Hulk does something innocent and childlike (putting baby birds in their nest, building sandcastles on the beach, etc)
  • McGee questions someone and they aren't interested in the green creature
  • A bystander or someone else sees David turn into the Hulk, or change back
  • Someone threatens to blackmail David over his being the Hulk
  • David has no shirt on and we can actually see something (question for the girls!)
  • David actually gets the girl (it happens so infrequently, so kisses count too!)
  • David is forced to participate in a crime
  • David meets a pregnant woman (he came across a lot of them, didn't he?)
  • David actually admits to someone that he's a doctor. The usual remark, "I have medical experience" does NOT count!
  • David turns into the Hulk more than twice in one episode (two-part episodes do not count, but feature-length episodes do)
  • You find yourself going all misty-eyed when the music starts playing at the end.

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