A company named Bungie wrote an amazing game called Halo. Many of us awaited its release for a long time. Microsoft bought them, and Halo was released for the Xbox (causing many of us to buy xboxes, just for one game). With a history of countless Doom, Quake, and Unreal Tournament games beneath my belt, I started playing Halo. Oh man...

Unfortunately bandwidth was becoming a problem, so I've taken the movies off of the site. I'll leave the text below so you can see the filenames and do searches for them on Google. If anyone wants to help me mirror JeffsHaloFun_0.2_net.mov or jeffsHaloFun_0.1_net.mov, let me know. Thanks, and sorry.

Make sure you turn the sound on for these...

Halo movies from the web

First, the original (2-3 year old) promo:

 also at http://vnfiles.ign.com/halovault/movies/halo_e3_2000.mpeg

...and an alternate version of that demo with a different ending, shown at the MacWorld Expo:

Second, the Physics experiment someone has recently done with Halo called Warthog Jump (really funny, again, you need sound):


Lastly, well, this just shouldn't be described:


[updated March 31, 2002]

Ok, Here's the second version of the first of the Halo movies I've made myself. This is waaaaaaay too long (I know) - about 28 minutes in length. It's 440 megs. This is just version 0.2 - the editing is better, and there's more, not less, footage, but still no soundtrack (though I don't know at this point whether I'll ever add one). If you do download this, I recommend doing it seperately, going for lunch, then coming back to watch it. And if you do see it, please tell me what you think!
[updated March 28, 2002]

Ok, Here's the first of the Halo movies I've made myself. This is totally unfinished, version 0.1, needs better editing, has no ending, and has no soundtrack.. (and no mention of keegan.org).

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