Jeff Keegan's Google Earth Addiction

When I was introduced to Google Earth, I was told it would rob me of about 40 days of my life.. That was clearly an optimistic prediction - I'm waaaay past that. Google Earth (not to be confused with Google Maps) is a free application that shows you earth as a globe, lets you rotate it with the mouse, and seamlessly zoom in as far as you want down to the street level, with extremely detailed satellite images and topographic maps providing the data that lets you see any place on earth. It's indescribably fun and addictive. Read more to learn about my most recent mania.

J e f f ' s
G o o g l e
E a r t h
P a g e

First of all, if you haven't downloaded it yet, go download Google Earth now. Unfortunately at the time of this writing (September 2005) there's only a Windows client - MacOSX and Linux users are currently out of luck. There's a Windows client and thankfully now a MacOS X beta (both located at the same link above), but unfortunately at the time of this writing (January 2006) Linux users are currently out of luck. You also need a broadband connection (cablemodem or dsl), as it downloads satellite images on-the-fly as you zoom around, and a somewhat recent graphics card.

Ok.. There's enough to talk about here that once again I'll break it down into sub-pages..
Places I've marked, complete with Google Earth placemark links and snapshots of what they look like.

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